Supporting The Team With Pride

The Friends of The Red Arrows was formed on the 3rd September 1982 by Mr Brian Jones with the permission of the RAFAT, The Red Arrows, at Kemble Wick, a stones throw away from the Team’s base at RAF Kemble after a previous short lived club ended in the late 1970’s. The Group was asked not to use the terms “Fan” and “Club” and therefore the “Friends” was formed.

Mr Jones retired as Chairman in 1992 and Mr Tim Cheney took over with the Group’s organisation moving to the Midlands nearer to the Teams base of RAF Scampton after they moved there in 1983.  The Group is also twinned with the Assoiazione Roma Club 1990 Frecce Tricolori and the Blue Angels Fan Club.

The Group members receive 3 newsletters a year (February, May and September) and the Groups Chairman arranges visits to the Red Arrows and other RAF, Royal Navy and British Army flying squadrons and units and those of other overseas Air Arms such as the USAF in Europe (USAFE) etc.  In over 30 years the Group has visited over 60 flying units and has covered over 80 different aircraft types, some of those various members of the Group have flown in such aircraft as the Tristar KC1, alprazolam Jaguar, EE Lightning and the Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1.  Also the Group has attended Airshows in Europe and the USA.

The Friends of the Red Arrows have an Annual General Meeting every year, these started at Bingham Hall in Cirencester before moving North to Ibstock, at first at the local scout headquarters and then the Community Rooms at Ibstock Enterprises.  The 2013 AGM will be held at the Teams home base of ativan Scampton with special permission of the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre.

For over 30 years the Friends of The Red Arrows have been supporting the Red Arrows with PRIDE.

By The Chairman of The Friends of the Red Arrows, Mr Tim Cheney

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If you wish to become a member it is open to all upon completion of a membership form which can be downloaded from this page, and an annual subscription fee of £6.00 per year.