They wondered at times if our opponents were not right when they accused us, in the name of an educational science that exists only in their books, to borrow the paths we are not sure of orientation and completion, and from peak, adventure, unaware hold us an empiricism without guidance and without horizons.

If, at some point, the range narrows, is that going gets tough, the trail will engage in a parade, or lead to the single log bridge over the brook. But as soon exceeded the obstacle, like a flower opening, spread to new adventurous trails start to conquer the mountain to conquer. So she offers life in its fullness that wants to confront.

Do not reduce arbitrarily in advance, the infinity of groping and multiple solutions to complex problems it imposes. Do not aggravate the monotony of daily life where the range of paths is closed on the gray prospect of the street leading to the plant. Do not despair your children by making your school a single track parade, carefully framed barriers, blocks and rocky precipices, hopeless finally see the turn to open the generous range of trails that ascend to the fullness of life.

By October, and every morning, open the tracks, even if you are not always sure that they lead to the collar. Whether there is for all temperaments and for everyone: for the wise sheep following the central route already mapped length for the proud ram that needs to show its rallying horns as for picky kids and dogs tireless who climb up and often seems a functional purpose.

I give you my old shepherd experience: the herd is not more difficult to achieve when it spreads through the drailles, calm and satisfied, walking towards the same horizon than when piled in difficult places head against tail, passive mass a shadow suddenly looming can project the precipice, or just waiting for the release of the parade to go blindly through the first roads that open. Author Freinet Print
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary October 1951 Read Full issue in PDF DITS MATHIEU – open trails Motions Place of our movement in the contemporary scientific process What is the part of the teacher?

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In: The Educator CEL For teachers journal Education and Research> Research in October 1951 Supporters of the theory of Lysenko were treated ignorant, pseudo-scientists, these epithets have always been part of the arsenal of obscurantist, whose goal is to stifle all that is new and creative. Those scientists who are used to thinking of scholastic way to confine their study, and worshiped the principles established and outdated, appear worthless in practice website for homework answers

Working only for science, experimenting only for experiments, such scholars cease, ultimately, understand the current issues. Hence the sterility of their business practice, the stagnation and poverty of their theoretical thought behind increasingly sensitive to the progress of true creative science. (Shorthand Minutes of the session of the Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 1948). Attacks against Modern School, right, but especially on the left, sometimes thrown some comrades.

They wondered at times if our opponents were not right when they accused us, in the name of an educational science that exists only in their books, to borrow the paths we are not sure of orientation and completion, and from peak, adventure, unaware hold us an empiricism without guidance and without horizons. It is true that we landed we also these important questions when he was thirty years ago, at the beginning of our business, we had not yet measured the error, and sometimes nothing, so many official sciences.

But times have market. Today we have an experience that already occupies a man’s life and in whose name we still the right and duty to speak. And it turns out – and this is no coincidence – that this long experiment, conducted in the framework of our old Western society is in the same time in the process of creation and construction of a people, other economic and social foundations, is reconsidering all academic science and who, at the practical experience of life, seeks and finds new standards for action on nature and the environment.

We also, as Michurin and Lysenko, even to our work, we dare to do battle with the false psychological and educational science; that science which, for fifty years, has attracted so many books and articles, which fed so many chairs, worn as saliva for purposes that are not ours. Now it is surprising that we seek for ourselves the ways that some consider sacrilegious because they refer to the guiding principles developed an outdated pedagogy that we would have still fit with historical conditions call for new forms of activity and life. “This is not referring to the general guiding principles, nor quotes, Lysenko responded to his opponents.

They responded by the success of its research work, by his experiences understandable, accessible on the conditions of their deep realization, on theoretical principles “(1). But we have no right, even the duty, to make us accused accusers? After all, why psychologists have they issued so learned assumptions about the human faculties of intelligence and reason, the interest and will, if we, the practitioners were not to benefit?

What would we say of a medical science that does not teach doctors to better treat their patients? We did it helped to progress in the knowledge of the child and in improving the teaching behavior of teachers? Alas! when we look to our past, we realize that the problems faced by teachers remained the same as it was fifty years old, and we are beginning brought no satisfactory solution.

Young teachers have certainly heard of modern psychologists, as we expounded it forty years ago, on William and Compayre, and they have just as baffled air we were when we faced our first classes. Do I will say I exaggerate? One need only consider the current position of educators across the necessities of discipline stone of all education key, it remains what it was forty years ago.

In all non-upgraded classrooms, teachers are still men suffering children, who organize themselves as they can in the face of the enemy that is organized also as it can – and there are not a hundred ways to organize against an enemy who, despite himself, is attacking your reasons for living. What lessons-called men of science have they offered us to improve our educational inhuman and anti working conditions? Because, I believe, it serves well to this science.

I need a mechanic to get around faster, a device that can face the waves, a cook who cooks dinner safe, a fast and convenient way to clean; I talk to scientists and I say, “Get me this …” And they should find. It is true that men of science teaching might object that no one ever asked them similar questions about the school plan and they believed, honestly, that when they wrote a beautiful book, well fed abstract thinking, the teacher can take his honey.

And teachers obviously wrong not have said earlier that there was maldonne, and that when they demanded a stove or a vacuum cleaner, they were offered several theoretical works on household electricity applications. Nevertheless, the fact is that there has been complete divorce, in fact of psychology and education, between practice and theory. The practice has perhaps not seek the help of theory, teachers who considered more efficient to transmit them, really by empiricism, the findings or the towers of hands who managed them.

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